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Kiluan Beach : Closer to Dolphins

My weekend getaway to Lampung

Get closer to the dolphins, still, one of my favorite 
We were 5 people in one team 
and try to spent our vacation in a backpacker way....

First thing first : How to get there


Jakarta (Kp. Rambutan bus station) to Merak harbour, 2 - 4 hours
Merak to Bakauheni Harbour Lampung by Ferry, 3 - 4 hours ( Rp. 20k + 10k for vip room )
Bakauheni to Kiluan bay by car rental, 6 - 8 hours ( Rp. 500k for one way , but cheaper for return trip )

Some of the roads are not in good condition, so it is advisable to rent a large car for the trip from Bakauheni Harbour ( 500k for one way trip - 800k for return)

April to September is the best season to visit Kiluan (dry season in Indonesia) because bad road conditions during heavy rain could hinder the road.

Your arrival time at Bakauheni will affect very much because of the road condition.

unfortunately , we arrived at night and got some stuck on the way to the guest house
So better to start from Jakarta at evening / night

Price for a simple guest house is around 200 thousand - 700 thousand 
for one night included meals. 
Room rate 
200k : room for 2-3 , fan, shared bathroom and shared living room with the owner.
500k : room for 2 - 3, fan, shared bathroom, view to the beach
700k : room for 2 - 3, fan, private bathroom, view to the beach

We need to rent small boat to across the bay and get closer to the dolphins
Rp. 300k - 500k for one day trip by boat, hopping island and snorkeling. 
Price is included snorkeling equipment and life vest 
Best time to start sailing is 5 - 10 AM

Trekking to the hills and beaches around hotel also an option at sunset or sunrise. 

The trek is pretty challenging but worth to try.
What you need to bring :
mountain sandal
bug spray

bad road, unpredictable weather and long travel time are some of the challenges

Travel resources : edii.kusnadi@gmail.com - @ediikusnaedi

Dare to try ?


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